The story

Because of massive gang wars bad poloticians and chaos in SA everything chansed.3 groups where made The triangle Land Walkers and Global Defence. Global Defence try's to rescue SA at all cost while The traingle wants SA vice city and liberty City!The land walkers is a nuetral group that deals in guns money and drugs and walk around everywhere

woensdag 2 maart 2011


George Kane
Jack Savea

Side missions side story's

Tale of the infected (not started)

Liberty City take over (not started , need mod!)

Vice city attack (not started need mod!)


  1. Left And Forgotten (not done yet)

Gang 2

The Global Defence

The Global Defence is amore like a army build up from cops,fbi,army,swat,special forces.They will try to defence SA as long as possible by defeating The traingle and Landwalkers. The Global defence has no tactis unlike others . They use the tanks rockets and stealth unis to ambush enemy's and crush them.
They have a few generals located at area 69 .

Paxton Grave
  • General of  1st army (World emergency team)
  • Knows whole SA
  • Leads everything in SA

 Nate Gexa
  • General of 2d army (SA defence team)
  • Has LS under controle
  • Leads most units in the area

 Tom Desta
  • leader of 3d army (Desert Attackers)
  • Struggeling in the desert
  • Finding out the Beam cannon

The Traingle (gang1)

The TriangleMission Pack = The rising sun

The Traingle is a well knowed  Rebellion group. They took over a part of San Andreas and havea thin contract whit the Land Walkers.They have special tactics for Destroying there biggest enemys, including

  • suicide members = They run up to the enemy and start knocking them.Shooting them will make a radiation smoke come out and infect the enemy.
  • Explosion Car = A car that runs up the enemys whit low healt.Shoot them and they will explode after a few seconds.
  • Biker Ambush = Multyply bikers ambush the enemy at fast rate. Armed whit uzi's,m4,or even stronger guns.
The main enemy of the traingle is probaly the Global Defence.
The global Defence is of course the strongest and defenced Faction.The triangle wants them down to recive all the land they took over thats now taken over by Global Defence.

The traingle has some well knowed members included =

Pablo Maxims
  • Leader of the triangle group
  • Informed everytime
  • He leads he chooses

Xander Ullyses
  • Leader of the 2d companyon (The Blood drinkers)
  • Pablo's Informer
  • The biker tactic founder

Vladimir Dimitri Kastejz
  • Leader of the 3d companyon (Requiem for dreams)
  • Army ingage leader
  • Working on Soviet Satelliet to see Global Defence moves.

The missions will come soon!

Recently i made this blog to post missions !

Of course for Gta Sa !

Soon the progress will be here and the released missions will be posted!